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12 Feb

GreenAuthor: Ted Dekker

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Publication Date: 2009

Paperback: 416 pages

Book Blurb:

As foretold by ancient prophets, an apocalypse destroyed Earth during the twenty-first century. But two thousand years later Elyon set upon the earth a new Adam. This time, however, he gave humanity an advantage. What was once unseen became seen. It was good and it was called…Green.

But the evil Teeleh bided his time in a Black Forest. Then, when least expected, a twenty-four year old named Thomas Hunter fell asleep in our world and woke up in that future Black Forest. A gateway was opened for Teeleh to ravage the land. Devastated by the ruin, Thomas Hunter and his Circle swore to fight the dark scourge until their dying death.

That was then. Now the Circle has lost all hope. And Samuel, Thomas Hunter’s cherished son, has turned his back on his father and is aligning dark forces to wage the final war. Thomas is crushed–but determined to rescue the Circle and his son even if he has to cross two worlds to do so.

Stand alone or series: Fourth in The Circle series, they also consider it book zero, but don’t listen.

Why I read this book: I loved The Circle series! There was no way I was not going to read this book.


So I like the theory behind having a book zero. It completes the circle, which is fitting for The Circle series. However, in actuality it doesn’t work. Please, I repeat, please do not read Green first. I know it says book zero so numerically that’s before one, but just don’t do it. The novel was written forth and should be read fourth. Here’s why: If you read this novel first and it will give away all the main plot points of the other three books. It will take the suspense away because you already know what is going to happen. Suspense is the fuel these books run on, plot is highly important. If you take those away, as you will by reading this book first, you will find your experience significantly lessened.

Also, if you take this book as it’s intended, that it completes the loop and the same story plays out over and over again, quite honestly that’s disappointing. It means nothing changes. And you’ll end this novel hoping that it does.

It’s difficult for me to focus on the content of this novel because I couldn’t get past how misleading this book zero could be. The first three novels worked seamlessly together as one piece. This novel stuck out like a sore thumb. While the characters are the same, the plot is entirely separate from the other three. Yet it references the plotline of the other three frequently, it also references the Lost Books series—the teen series Ted Dekker wrote that was set in this world. It seemed the story was often lost in its own complicated world plotting. I just kept thinking, I’m not sure how much of this would make sense if I hadn’t already read the 3 Circle books and the 7 Lost Books novels. And I’m sorry I’m being so vague and convoluted when it comes to the plot, but if I were clear I would give away important plot points from this novel and the previous novels.

It was also significantly darker than the other novels. The new characters, Janae and Billy, leave a bitter taste that made me not want to read this before bed. I was so lost in all of these things that I’m not sure if I enjoyed it or not. Perhaps if you don’t overthink it as I did, you might be able to enjoy the latest edition of the world Ted Dekker can’t seem to leave. Otherwise I would say take the Circle series as it was originally intended—as a trilogy.



19 Nov

RedTed Dekker

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Publication Date: 2004

Paperback: 400 pages

Book Blurb:

“We have stepped off the cliff and are falling into madness.”

The mind-bending pace of Black accelerates in Red, Book Two of Ted Dekker’s epic Circle Series. Less than a month ago, Thomas Hunter was a failed writer selling coffee at the Java Hut in Denver. Now he finds himself in a desperate quest to rescue two worlds from collapse. In one world, he’s a battle-scarred general commanding an army of primitive warriors. In the other, he’s racing to outwit sadistic terrorists intent on creating global chaos through an unstoppable virus.

Two worlds on the brink of destruction. One unthinkable solution.

Enter an adrenaline-laced epic where dreams and reality collide. Nothing is as it seems, as Black turns to Red.

Stand alone or series: Second in The Circle Series… Or third-ish if you decide to read Green first.

Why I read this book: When I was finishing Black, I was practically running to the book store. I managed to find this and the third in the English section of a Mexican bookstore. Be warned though, if you haven’t read the first book then this will be a spoiler.


Aye! I couldn’t catch my breath.

Fifteen years have passed in Other Earth and not more than fifteen minutes on our world. Thomas of Hunter is now the supreme commander of the Forest Guard. Though the beautiful colorful forest is nothing but a vague memory. Thomas and Rachel have been from Eden and into a much harsher land. The Forest Dwellers live in forests surrounding lakes. Every day they must bathe in the lakes to keep a horrible skin disease at bay. However the sickness not only turns their skin white and flaky and horribly painful, it also dulls their minds and turns truth to lies. The diseased are Horde and they are coming to take the forests.

On our earth Thomas wakes with a gun to his head and even worse, to find another disease is released. This one will kill the world and there is no antidote… yet.

Okay. This next paragraph will be a spoiler for those who haven’t read it too. But it’s so cool I can’t not talk about it. I’ll try to keep it vague, but it could give away a BIG thing if you figure it out (and you probably will). So if you haven’t read it and want to, step the next paragraph and continue on.

I was never able to understand how the Biblical Jews could not believe that Jesus was the Savior. Reading from this time and place it seems a given. This book helped me to understand and see the scene in a way I never could before. Some were simply power hungry, yes. But others truly believed that they were following God’s law. They believed that this young man saying He was the Son of God was defying God with the very words He used to bring them closer. I know I’m still not doing this justice, but this book provided a revelation for me and it’s an amazing experience when books can do that.

As with the first, this book was breath-takingly fast. Usually I don’t like the second book in a trilogy because I feel like it’s just build up for the third. Not so with this fantastic second. If you’re looking for a thrill, for a heart-pounding action, get this trilogy. I didn’t put it down to eat. For men and women, this is a great read. Check it out!



22 Oct

BlackTed Dekker

Publisher: WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson

Publication Date: 2004

Paperback: 408 pages

Book Blurb:

Enter an adrenaline-laced epic where dreams and reality collide.

Fleeing his assailants through deserted alleyways, Thomas Hunter narrowly escapes to the roof of a building. Then a silent bullet from the night clips his head… and his world goes black.

From the blackness comes an amazing reality of another world—a world where evil is contained. A world where Thomas Hunter is in love with a beautiful woman. Then remembers the dream of the chase as he reaches to touch the blood on his head.

Where does the dream end and reality begin? Every time he falls asleep in one world he awakes in the other—both facing catastrophic disaster. Thomas is being pushed beyond his limits…even beyond the limits of  space and time.

Black is an incredible story of evil and rescue, betrayal and love, pursuit and death, and a terrorist threat unlike anything the world has ever known.

Some say the world hangs in the balance of every choice we make. Now the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance of one man’s choice.

Three novels. Two worlds. One story.

Stand alone or series: Series most definitely. Now it was originally marketed as a trilogy. Even the line above says three novels, however there are now four. Black, Red and White make up the original three, but now there is also Green. Green is said to be book zero, able to be read at the beginning or end of the others to create, you guessed it, a circle. But be warned, within the first couple pages of Green it gives away important things from the other books. I fear it could take some of the suspense out of the other novels, and suspense is the power that fuels them.

Why I read this book: I remembered hearing in mentioned years before by a fellow classmate. She wanted to start a book club, but it never got off the ground. The titles lay dormant in the back of my mind until I saw Black on sale at Half Price Books. It was cheap and I had a summer ahead of me to read. I packed it on a long trip and having run out of everything else I’d brought to read I finally picked it up, when I did I didn’t even bother putting it down to eat.


The prologue is dark and very slow. I dragged through it like wading through honey, unsure if I was going to finish such a book. But please hold on. It does provide information that will become useful later on, though it also gives away a number of plot points I might have wished to wait for. I think the goal though, is to give you some footing on the strange ground you’re about to traverse, because in chapter one Tom hits the ground running (quite literally) and doesn’t stop for quite some time.

“Adrenaline-laced” is a great phrase for this series. It just keeps going and going at an almost breath-taking pace. I certainly got swept up and read them much faster than I should have. There’s so much detail, so many little things to catch, but I was busy wanting to know what happened next. But I urge you to stop and smell the roses, or in this case the fruit of the colored forest.

The world that Dekker creates in the reality parallel to our own is astonishing. One of my favorite details is the trees and wood of the colored forest. I could go on and on about this fascinating substance, but he does it so much better than I so I’ll let you discover it yourselves. The other world contrasts our own in many ways, but enables readers to draw conclusions about this world by comparing the two. In our world evil so often appears disguised as something else or hides until we realize the danger too late. In the other reality, there’s a clear distinction between good and evil through appearances and through a physical divide that separates the two.

I found this to be a fascinating series (I haven’t read Green yet) and invite you to get swept away as I did. Though the books are long in page length I think you’ll find they fly by, sped along by a swift plot and short chapters. Whether the time it takes you is long or short, I encourage you to invest it in this series. The beginning may be hard to follow, but it causes a greater feeling of accomplishment when you finally do get a grasp on what in the worlds is going on. Good luck!