Scrap Everything

12 Nov

Scrap EverythingLeslie Gould

Publisher: 2010

Publication Date: WaterBrook Press

Paperback: 336 pages, though this was a e-book read on my European adventure

Book Blurb:

Elise didn’t want to be in the town at all–and certainly not in the scrapbooking shop…

A month after Elise Shelton and her family arrive in Forest Falls, Oregon, she wanders into Rebekah Graham’s scrapbooking store. Elise deems Rebekah too perky and judges scrapbooking to be another never-gets-done chore, but she’s also drawn to the community of women who gather to crop their photos, lay out pages, and share their lives.

The women rally around Elise when her husband is called back into the army and her family is thrown into turmoil. When Rebekah’s daughter faces a medical crisis, challenging Rebekah’s desire to control her life as tightly as she plans her scrapbook pages, the women must support each other.

As both women battle to overcome their fears and to grow in faith, they discover unexpected gifts–and an unlikely friendship that will change their lives.

Stand alone or series: Stand alone

Why I read this book: I was looking for new authors. I’d found myself in an author rut and wanted to get some new blood in the mix. And, of course, I’m attracted to all things crafty so I figured this was a good mix.


Elise plans for Forest Falls to be a short stop on the way to their final destination. After decades of being dragged across the world by her army husband she’s thrilled at his retirement and at the prospect of finally having a place to call home. But Forest Falls is the last place she wants to call home.

Rebekah’s world revolves around her sick daughter, Pepper. Much to the detriment of the rest of her family. As Pepper’s condition worsens Rebekah becomes more and more desperate. The last thing she needs is to deal with a snooty out-of-towner, but she feels the nudge to help this lonely, bitter woman who has stumbled into her shop.

The story revolves around these two women, taking their viewpoints in turn. They each have battles they’re fighting, secrets they’re harboring and a strong need for companionship, on earth and with their heavenly Father. This is a story of transformation, two transformations. Rebekah and Elise learn to put their trust in God and in each other. And they find things can turn out better than they imagined.

This was a good read, though by no means light and fluffy. These women are hurting, and if you’re anything like me you’ll hurt with them. They’re struggles may be similar to ones you are facing, or not. But issues concern husbands and kids are problems almost every woman can relate to. I loved watching these women grow. It gave me hope for myself. Elise and Rebekah were only just surviving, coping with their struggles the only way they knew how. But in the end they learned to live, trusting God to do what is right even when they can’t see the way ahead.

I would recommend this book to any woman, particularly one who is struggling an issue of her own. Seeing how and how not to deal with problems is helpful to someone willing to listen and learn. If this is you I’ll be in prayer. God’s plan is infinitely better than anything we could come up with. Remember that and don’t lose heart.


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