A Delirious Summer

23 Aug

A Delirious Summer

Ray Blackston

Publisher: Revell

Publication Date: 2004

Paperback: 331 pages

Book Blurb:

Would you travel thousands of miles just to get a date?

Neil Rucker’s tempted. His life as a Spanish language teacher in Ecuador affords little opportunity for romance. So when his worst student, stockbroker-turned missionary Jay Jarvis, negotiates a trade of extra credit for a respite in Greenville, South Carolina, Neil’s delirious summer begins.

But the girls of Greenville aren’t waiting for dates. They’ve crafted a plan—a database and an organization—to find Mr. Rights in every denomination and congregation… if only Neil and the other available bachelors show up at the same places they do.

As the girls church-hop in search of the perfect man, Neil struggles to keep up and find the perfect girl among the Neopolitan choices: short, demanding redhead Lydia; thrill-seeking and lead-footed blonde Darcy; and the very tardy but dangerous raven-haired Alexis with the pierced eyebrow.

Between reckless driving, the double-double mochas, and the lessons in crabbing for dinner, Neil will have to figure out who’s the girl for him—a process that would render any guy delirious.

Stand alone or series: A bit of both I’d have to say. This book is second Blackston’s wonderful debut, Flabbergasted. However, A Delirious Summer has a new narrator and follows a new plot line with old plot lines intertwined. It could easily be read as a stand alone but why? Flabbergasted is fabulous… though if you’ve read the book blurb above it’s given away the biggest surprise of the prior novel.

Why I read this book: If you couldn’t tell by the near slobbering above, I loved the first book. Reading the second was a no brainer. I took it with me to the beach because in a shelf full of heavy novels I knew this one would discuss such subjects in a fun and funny way that wouldn’t leave me feeling down while sunning in the sand. (And there was almost a guaranteed beach trip in the novel.)


I never know how to talk about a Ray Blackston novel except to say: YOU SHOULD READ IT!!!! However, that’s not very helpful for a review.

Blackston is a funny guy who writes modern day Christian novels from a guy’s perspective (which we need more of) in a way that guys and girls can enjoy. He’ll take you to crazy places with even crazier people who you’ll come to love in just a few pages. Not only will you be laughing so hard people on the airplane will look at you funny (they were looking at me), but he also addresses subjects like God’s will vs our will and temptation in a down-to-earth, incredibly relatable way.

Neil Rucker is what he calls an almost missionary—teaching missionaries how to speak Spanish all over Latin America. Now furlough has arrived and he ends up in the lovable, zainy town of Greenville, South Carolina. Swept up in a whirlwind of dates with some of Greenville’s most eligible church-hoppers Neil has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.

You’ll find yourself laughing, affirming “Uh-huh” right along with Quilla and wondering how on earth the characters ended up there, but you’ll never be bored. I know I couldn’t put it down. This is a two thumbs up recommendation to guys, girls, your neighbor across the street you never talk to, that person you always pass in the grocery store and anyone else you can think of.



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